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Custom Competent Cells

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  • Any Strain – Custom Competent Cells from any E. Coli or other strain
  • Format Flexibility – You choose the aliquote size, tube, or 96 well plate
  • Save Time – Let us take the time to make your cells provide superb results
  • High Transformation efficiency – Proprietary methods ensure cells provide the highest efficiency
  • Affordable – Available for as low as $10.00 per reaction
  • Quick Turnaround – Recieve your strain, optimize transformation and provide results within a week
  • Excellent customer service – Personalized service from start to finish

Call 855.835.7172 or e-mail to discuss your project.

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Custom Competent CellsThe scientists at Intact Genomics are the premier experts in competent cell production, with unmatched quality, service and value in the industry.

IG custom competent cells are available in chemically competent or electrocompetent format.  You may choose from a variety of common E. coli strains (5-alpha, DH10B, BL21(DE3), etc., or you may simply send us your own strain. Upon request, we are also able to safely store your strain to make production of additional competent cells at a later date convenient and fast.

Intact Genomics uses proprietary methods and technologies to produce the highest transformation efficiencies possible (> 5 x 10^10 cfu/µg DNA).  Using our unique production methods, we have significant experience providing competent cells for multiple customers in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and biotech industries allowing significant progress with their research.


• Cloning (mutagenesis, etc.)
• Phage display (TG1 and SS320  strains available)
• Library construction
• Protein expression

Customers choose our custom competent cell services as we provide great results, value, convenience, and excellent customer service.

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Contact Us for Quote

Contact Us for Quote

Please contact us for a quote

Please contact us for a quote

Custom Competent Cell Form

  • Please fill out the Custom Competent Cell Form below
  • Email the form and any questions to
  • Our team will thoroughly review the form and reply within one business day
  • Choose your strain from our list of available strains, or your own, and mail to:
    • Intact Genomics
      1100 Corporate Square Drive Suite 257
      St. Louis, MO 63132
  • We will notify you of strain receipt and expected completion time (typically within one week)

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