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FastAmp™ Plant Direct PCR Kit


    250 Reactions - $110.00 (Cat.# 4612 )

    1250 Reactions - $450.00 (Cat.# 4615 )


Intact Genomics FastAmpTM Plant Direct PCR kit is an easy and robust method to amplify DNA fragments from plant tissues with high specificity and high sensitivity without the need of complicated DNA purification steps.  The advanced formulation of this kit also allows fast PCR cycling conditions without compromising PCR sensitivity, specificity and yield. The FastAmpTM Plant Direct PCR kit is an ideal and powerful tool for high-throughput genotyping, DNA amplification, and plant genome analysis.

Plant Direct PCR

FastAmp™ Plant Direct PCR Kit is suitable for amplification of DNA directly from plant samples without purifying DNA. This kit is based on specially engineered Taq DNA polymerase, proprietary buffer system, dNTP, MgCl2 ,PCR facilitators and dye mix which makes it extremely robust and tolerant of plant PCR inhibitors such as complex polysaccharides, polyphenols and others. This kit has been tested with leaves and seeds from a wide variety of plant species. FastAmp™ Plant Direct PCR Kit includes a complete set of optimized reagents and detailed protocols making it an ideal choice for amplification of plant DNA without DNA purification.


  • Direct PCR- no need to purify DNA
  • Specially engineered Taq DNA polymerase with highest sensitivity and specificity
  • Extremely short PCR protocol times
  • Master mix format with premixed gel loading dye to reduce cross-contamination and sample handling
  • 5x magic enhancer for high GC containing DNA amplification


  • Genotyping
  • Transgene detection
  • Knockout analysis
  • Sequencing

 Product Includes

  • FastAmp™ plant direct PCR master mix (2x)
  • Dilution buffer
  • Control primer mix (25 µM each)
  • 5x magic enhancer
  • Nuclease- free water

Storage Temperature

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250 Reactions, 1250 Reactions

FastAmp Plant Direct PCR Kit is the Best!

A variety of plant tissues (leaves, roots, seeds) were tested from several plants using different plant specific primers for which annealing temperature and extension time were optimized separately, and also using universal (control) primers which amplify a highly conserved (297bp) chloroplast DNA fragment. Amplification was carried out directly from maize, soybean, rice, wheat, grapes, tulip, and strawberry leaf punches with different  primers using Intact Genomics FastAmpTM Plant direct PCR kit and a leading commercial direct plant PCR kit (Phire plant direct PCR kit) compared side by side. FastAmpTM Plant direct PCR kit from Intact Genomics successfully amplified specific PCR products and produced results which were at par or better than the leading competitor.4615 4612<
Plant Direct PCR Quality


  1. Thaw 2x master mix, primer solutions, 5x magic enhancer (if required), mix thoroughly and spin down before use.
  2. Prepare a reaction mix according to the following table. The reaction mix typically contains all the components needed for PCR except the leaf punch.*Plant Direct PCR Reaction Setup
  3. Mix the reaction mixture thoroughly.
  4. Add leaf punch at the bottom of the individual PCR tube containing the reaction mixture.
  5. Program the thermal cycler according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A typical PCR cycling program is outlined in the following table.
  6. Place the PCR tubes in the thermal cycler and start the cycling program.Plant Direct PCR cycling conditions

*If you use seed, grind the seed and place it into 100 µl of dilution buffer. Briefly mix the tube and incubate at 95 ºC for 5 min. Spin down and use 1-2 µl of the supernatant as a template for a 20 µl PCR reaction.