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T7 RNA Polymerase


T7 RNA Polymerase is useful for sgRNA and mRNA synthesis, RNA synthesis from DNA templates and applications in mRNA therapeutics

    25,000 Units - $149.00 (Cat.# 3723 )


Intact Genomics Bacteriophage T7 RNA Polymerase is a DNA-dependent RNA polymerase that is highly specific for the bacteriophage T7 promoter and terminator sequences. T7 RNA Polymerase catalyzes in vitro RNA synthesis in a 5’→3′ direction from a cloned DNA sequence under the T7 promoters. The enzyme can incorporate labeled or unlabeled nucleotide triphosphates into an RNA transcript.

Protein Purity
The physical purity of this enzyme is ≥95% as assessed by SDS-PAGE with Coomassie® blue staining (see figure below).

T7 RNA Polymerase Purity


  • Radiolabeled RNA probe preparation
  • RNA synthesis from DNA template
  • sgRNA and mRNA synthesis
  • Applications in mRNA therapeutics

Product Includes
1) T7 RNA Polymerase
2) 10X T7 RNA Polymerase reaction buffer

 Storage Temperature

 10x T7 RNA Polymerase reaction buffer
400 mM Tris-HCl
60 mM MgCl2
10 mM DTT
20 mM spermidine
pH 7.9 @ 25°C 

Storage Buffer
50 mM Tris-HCl
100 mM NaCl
20 mM β-ME
50% Glycerol
0.1% (w/v) Triton® X-100
pH 7.9 @ 25°C

Quality Control assays
T7 RNA polymerase is free from detectable nuclease activities.3723

Additional information


25,000 Units


  1. Add the following components to make the reaction mixture:T7 RNA Polymerase Protocol
  2. Incubate at 37°C for 60 minutes. For shorter transcripts (< 300 nt), incubate at 37°C for at least 2 hours.


Manual -ig® T7 RNA Polymerase

MSDS -ig® T7 RNA Polymerase

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